Posted by: Ruth Wilson | May 10, 2012

I’m Fed Up with the Secret!

I have been experimenting with the Law of Attraction since I was quite young. When my age was in the single digits, I found that things I thought about a lot would often happen, fairly quickly and pretty much in the way I had pictured them.  When I wanted something to happen, I thought about it a lot and something very similar to what I thought about would come about.

When I got old enough to listen to others’ opinions, I was quickly disabused of the notion that this really could occur. It still did occur from time to time; what I thought about a lot seemed to shape my life experiences. Coincidence, I guess.

But when I was nineteen, I happened on a book by Dorothy Spence Lauer which described how to attract what you want by imagining it; that is, by doing exactly what I had been doing throughout my childhood, without understanding it.

Since then, I have experimented with the metaphysical notion that thoughts become things with wildly variable results. Sometimes my thoughts, good and bad, have clearly affected my experience. It seems the “bad” thoughts have more power. Other times, the connection seems tenuous at best.

In the last five years, millions of people have watched The Secret and learned how to use the power of visualization to get what they want out of life. Millions more have bought related programs and products for manifesting their dream life.

Have these millions become wealthy beyond belief and married their soul mates? Well…do you personally know anyone who has thought and grown rich? I haven’t. Not really.

Demographics in the US are, in fact, showing the opposite trend. Wealth is concentrated among fewer people, and a couple years after the Law of Attraction hit The Oprah Show, we experienced the most profound economic downturn in decades. Thirty percent of the population study self improvement techniques, but recently I came across a statistic from Wikipedia that only one out of 714 people become millionaires. A million dollars is not that much these days, either.

So when some chirpy child in yoga pants tells me, “Just manifest it!” I want to scream. If she adds, “Just be positive,” then I feel positive…positive I want to give her a noogie.

But then again…I’m intrigued enough, that I still wonder…what might be the missing piece…

The other evening, an acquaintance played a promotional CD for me. The author, who is rich and famous, claimed that he would tell me the true Law of Attraction story in his recorded program.   I could borrow this program though it usually sells for $1000. Well, I’ve read hundreds (literally hundreds) of books on the topic, but the acquaintance who loaned me the program said it really did include different information than most other law of attraction programs.

Well, OK. Now I’m listening. And I did. I listened to the CDs in a few days. I didn’t really hear anything I hadn’t heard before, but I did get the message that I may not have been persistent enough. Since most of my clients are not persistent enough, it could just be that a very mundane part of the puzzle is missing for me; just keeping at it.

I’ve decided I’m going to give the Law of Attraction program a concerted try. And to keep me honest, I’m going to document whatever my experiences are, here, in this blog. If I’m sharing my experience, I am less likely to lapse into old habits – or if I do lapse – I will be honor bound to report that lapse.

Let’s give this a whirl and see what happens!

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